Birthday Parties at Blue Mountain

  • Ages 5-14
  • Minimum of 7
  • $12/youth/activity
  • $5/person for a hotdog and pop (must be pre-booked)
  • Parents must sign a waiver, please bring waivers
  • Please wear runners or hikers.
  • We require a 25 % deposit to book your party, please call 306 445-4941.

Summer Adventures

Zip Line (1 ride)

Come out and try any of our four zip lines that descend the hill side and over the tree tops of the valley below at speeds over 50 km per hour. Choose from three different riding positions: Granny; a standard sitting position, Superman; really feels like your flying and the Batman; hanging upside down.

Note, weather may be a factor in which rides are available.


(not recommended for ages 8 and under)

Find out how much of marksman you are! Develop your archery skills using one of our recurve bows. Can you hit the bullseye??

Wall Climb

Enjoy climbing our 30-foot-high climbing wall situated on the top of one of the hills overlooking the valley below. There are 16 paths to the top of the wall with varying degrees of difficulty.

Challenge Course

(not recommended for ages 8 and under)

The Course is designed to encourage groups to work together to overcome a series of fun and challenging obstacles and exercises. There are ten team building activity stations

High Ropes Course

The High Ropes Course consists of five high course elements built thirty-five to forty feet above ground. High course elements push participants to go beyond their perceived limits. Participants are challenged to expand their comfort zone, build self-confidence, and overcome self-imposed barriers, while being motivated and encouraged by other group members.

Water Activities

Enjoy the peaceful surroundings on our small lake while paddling from a canoe, kayak, paddle board or paddle boat.

Canoes and beach

Additional Activities

Side by Side Trail Ride

Fly along the winding trails through the thickwood hills until you reach the top! The view is spectacular from here you can see for miles!


  • Maximum group of 5
  • $50/ride, 30 min ride


Come out with your family or friends and play a game of paintball. This is a great way to challenge yourself both physically and mentally! We offer 5 playing fields!

  • 6-45 players
  • Not recommended for ages 11 and under
  • $25/person, includes gun, gear, mask and 100 rounds
  • If you bring your own gun, cost is $20/person.
  • No outside ammo allowed.
Extra paint balls:


  • $10 for 100 paint-balls
  • $30 for 500 paint-balls
  • $100 for 2000 paint-balls

Winter Adventures:

  • Ages 5-14
  • Minimum of 10
  • $5/youth-access to toboggan hill (toboggans included), access to skating rink (bring your own skates), and access to cross country ski trails (rentals 50% off, $10/rental)
  • $5/person for a hotdog and pop (must be pre-booked)
  • Party Room available for 1 hour to enjoy your lunch
  • Parents must sign a waiver, please bring waivers
  • We require a credit card number to book your party, please call 306 445-4941.